Screenings and discussions

Critical Art Thinking: With an Open Perspective

A public series of short screenings and talks curated by Kevina Badoye.

Screenings and discussions

This series of workshops aim to create a unique immersive experience for art lovers by promoting and supporting arts education and creative learning. Each workshop explores art-historical ideas in an engaging and accessible way to develop critical thinking skills and to engage the audience in an open process of examination and meaning-making through verbal discussions.

Each workshop consists of a short screening with a presentation by Kevina, led by an open discussion and questions. Different topics and themes will be presented to kick-start a conversation by using artistic references that Kevina has been researching on as relevant case studies. The audience will be given an insight into art from different complementary and interdisciplinary perspectives by incorporating film and media arts with visual and literary arts.

Upcoming workshops:

1st February: The Uncanny in Art, 7pm - 8:15pm

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